Located in Stoupa of Messinia Mani, Mythos Villas Mezonetes Apartments is your Familiy Holiday Resort in Stoupa

mezonete apartment stoupa booking

PONTOS Mezonete Apartment. A stone- built house (maisonette) 112 sq. m., an ideal place for families with the capacity of comfortable accomodation up to six (6) people.

mezonete apartment stoupa booking

ESTIA Apartment Mezonete, was always the “centre of the home”, the cozy “corner” for the whole family. A stone-built house (maisonette) 101 sq.m., ideal for families.

mezonete apartment stoupa booking

NOSTOS APARTMENT MEZONETE was a sweet nostalgia for the return to the homeland. A stone-built house (maisonette) 80 sqm capable of accommodating up to four (4) people.

Mythos Villas Mezonetes Apartments is in walking distance to  Kalogria and Stoupa Beach

Reach the famous Kalogria Beach on foot from our Zorbas Path

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